Desalination – Solutions Database – Be Part Of It!!


The Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC) is looking for researchers, developers, and suppliers of water desalination systems to be part of a database of technological solutions that can ease the severe living conditions imposed by the drought in the Brazilian semi-arid region.

This region represents 12% of the Brazilian population (27 million people), covers 12% of the country's area (1.03 million km²), is distributed among nine states of the Federation and is characterized by dry climate, with few irregular rains in addition to high evapotranspiration.

Groundwater available in the Brazilian Semi-Arid is brackish water. Therefore, it is not suitable for human consumption and has limitations for family farming. One of the actions in which MCTIC is committed to is the desalination of the groundwater from the semi-arid region in order to provide better living conditions to this population.

Within this context and in view of the fact that MCTIC recognizes the existence of several information from various sources about water desalination technologies and methods, we have identified the need for a registry to gather all this information into a single database.

This database will serve to assist MCTIC in identifying all technological solutions available for water desalination, their respective degrees of technological development (research, development and / or commercial exploitation) and the best applications of each kind to define the best policy for them in the future.

Interested parties should send the information requested by completing the electronic form by February 18, 2019.

Questions can be clarified by the e-mail: or by telephone +55 (83) 3315-6440 with Marcio Saraiva.

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